Are CD Cases Recyclable and How Can You Use Them?

In a nutshell, CD cases can be recycled, but doing so may be trickier than you might suspect. The cases of compact disks are comprised of polystyrene, or plastic number 6. Many times, you cannot simply leave old CD cases at your curb to be picked up by your town’s recycling, so check with your area before you try.
Recyclable CD Parts

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What Parts of CD Cases Are Recyclable?

The easiest part of a compact disk case to recycle is the paper insert. You can pluck that out of the case, and recycle it with the rest of your paper goods. If you are interested in recycling your cases, you can send the plastic part to a recycling center that specializes in recycling e-waste. “Green disk takes technotrash, from Ipods to CD cases;” meanwhile there is the CD Recycling Center of America, and CD Recycling central.

There are various other ways that you can dispose of your CD cases by reusing them. For example, if you have many CD cases in your house, try to contact the local library to see if they need replacement cases. Often times, the CDs that they lend out come in cases that are cracked or broken, and your library will likely be enthusiastic about your donation.

You can donate your CD cases to a charity, or drop them off at Goodwill. Other ways to reuse your CD cases is to leave an ad on Craigslist for anyone who might be interested, or join the group Freecycle. Freecycle is a group of people that will post messages about materials and devices they would like to give away, while others in Freecycle will come to pick up the old stuff for themselves.

Are CDs Recyclable?

Are CD Cases Recyclable And How Can I Use Them

Perhaps you have committed to going digital with MP3s and want to get rid of your old CDs after you have burned them on to your computer. Compact Disks are considered plastic number seven and typically can’t be left at the curbside. If your CD is damaged, you can often repair it by using toothpaste to shine and polish your compact discs. Again, you could donate your old CDs to Goodwill, of Freecycle, or try to sell them on Craigslist.

If you cannot find a convenient way to recycle or reuse your CDs, there are inventive ways you can reuse them. Break up a cd into squares, and decorate a picture frame with the glass to create a mosaic. You can take an old CD and turn it into a futuristic notebook. Or, you can create a pen or pencil holder with your used CDs.

It is important to either recycle or reuse CD cases and CDs because they will not biodegrade easily. They will stay in a landfill, and contaminate the soil and air with toxins. Plus, if you donate these items, you will have a good feeling inside for doing the right thing – or you can sell them and make money! Hopefully this beginners guide has answered your question “Are CD cases recyclable” and has given you some bright ideas.