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Let All Green serve you through our Electronics Recycling Canadaigua Services in California.


Electronics Recycling

Certified electronics recycling services by All Green are what you badly need when it comes to disposing of your used and old IT products.

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IT Asset Disposition

Data breaches and cyber attacks are hot issues these days. So you need a company that guarantees safe ITAD solutions. All Green is the answer.

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Data Destruction

Destroying confidential and sensitive information is a must at present. That's why All Green must be chosen for you to be safe in your business.

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Equipment Destruction

Destroying your defective IT equipment which cannot be recycled and remarketed is important. All Green has the proven way to serve you.

Electronics Recycling Canadaigua Services, CA

Canadaigua ImageCandaigua, California is a city in Ontario Country with a population of over 11,000. This is where Sonneberg Mansion and Gardens, a 50-acre garden with Victorian mansion, is found. While this city is embracing a lot of newest technology, it’s crucial to keep its people aware of the benefits of recycling their old electronic items. Electronics Recycling Canadaigua does a lot of benefits to the environment. Electronic products are rich sources of valuable metals that can be recovered to create new electronic products, instead of depleting raw resources.

Electronic waste recycling is basically a process that involves sorting, dismantling, and reusing important materials from old electronics. The materials that are often retrieved are silver, lead, copper, aluminum, gold, and etc. Recovering these materials will help preserve more raw materials.

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IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronics ImageElectronics recycling in Candaigua, California is important to keep the city’s e-waste problem manageable. Recycling e-waste can cut back pollution levels to a minimum since this helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Retrieving precious materials from old electronics can help save the raw or virgin materials from becoming depleted. If not totally eliminated, there will be lesser extraction of raw materials through mining. Therefore, recycling electronics is a surefire way to protect the environment. 


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All Green Electronics Recycling makes it handy for many Americans to recycle their outdated electronic items. You can schedule a pickup or find drop-off location nearest you. 

Don’t be reckless in throwing away your old electronics or just letting them sit around your house for years. You need to consider the benefits of recycling electronic products. 





Canadaigua IT Asset Disposition

Technology is used to maximize efficiency and make more money. However, machines or any electronic equipment will reach their end life. When they are about to be disposed, you can still make most out of those IT assets. 

Now back to the drawback of unsecured IT disposition. You may worry about data security since you have used these IT equipment to store important business information or data. This is where our ITAD program steps in to secure your sensitive data from cyber attacks and data breach. 

All Green guarantees secured IT asset disposition services. We have on-site services that help us save on costs of transporting those IT assets and help you secure the process. Otherwise, our off-site process allows us to transport your IT assets to our site, so they can be destroyed using our state-of-the-art machines. Our processes assure you of secured disposal of assets. This means, your IT assets are in good hands!

We are transparent on our processes for us to build trust with our clients. We are reliable partner to handle IT equipment disposal for enterprises or corporations in the United States. 

We leave the guesswork by providing your with a complete IT asset disposal documentation. You can always contact us to learn more about our Electronics Recycling Canadaigua Services.