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All Green Recycling can help you recycle and reuse your e-waste, so let us do this through our on-site pickup service in Blythe, California.


Electronics Recycling

Our electronics recycling services are certified to resolve the issues associated to improper dumping of e-waste. All Green is a reliable company.

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IT Asset Disposition

We work with our clients without any interruptions to the business flow. We always enhance efficiency to maximize the target returns.

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Data Destruction

Our hard drive shredding and data wiping are certified and secure. Your hard drives will be crushed after the data found there are erased permanently.

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Equipment Destruction

Product recalls and defective products will not be back on the market again. Our equipment destruction is proven and tested.

Electronics Recycling Blythe Services, CA

Blythe Electronic Waste Recycling Electronics Recycling Blythe, California is made possible by All Green. This city in the Riverside County is a stopover for most travelers because it’s halfway between Los Angeles and Phoenix. This place is not new to electronic waste problem, so having a team like All Green will help preserve the beauty of this small city.

Electronics recycling plays a major role in eliminating health and environmental hazards triggered by the improper e-waste disposal. 

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The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that more than four million tons of e-waste are thrown in the landfills every year. This percentage is growing every year and that is disgusting! Why is this a big problem? The toxic materials from e-waste can contaminate the soil and water. The heavy metals can also trigger major health hazards.

Electronic products contain toxic substances and most of these are non-biodegradable. Most materials from computer and storage units have mercury, barium, and other substances in them that can be reused. 

The latest report from EPA says that the annual quantity of electronics recycled in the USA reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. This percentage is equivalent to eliminating around 25 million cars.

Recycling also conserves those precious natural resources since most of electronic items contain minerals such as copper, silver, gold, and others. This prevents the exploitation of natural resources just to find supply of raw materials to produce new electronic products. 

The other benefit of electronics recycling is the reduction of energy costs, which lessens the dependence on oil reserves. In a study, recycling aluminum takes 95 percent less of energy compared to making new aluminum.

Besides environmental benefits, recycling electronics creates monetary benefits and business opportunities that will help trigger economic growth. Recycling generates more jobs for other people. In fact, latest research shows that recycling creates job opportunity for about 1 million workers in the United States each year. 

The sale of electronic products can give you extra money. So instead of throwing them away, why not have those old electronic products picked up and recycled?

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Recycle Electronics in Blythe, CA

We’ve discussed the bright side of electronics recycling above. 

Part of reducing e-waste is recycling of old computers. Blythe California computer recycling follows stringent methodologies to ensure privacy protection. Computers are broken down to smaller pieces. The important materials will be separated and recovered, so these can be reused for creating another product or item. 

We also offer IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions. Our approach is to help you maximize returns and efficiency. Our ITAD experts will secure you that your sensitive data are destroyed properly. The effectiveness of our IT disposition techniques will leave you worry-free. All you need to do is to leave the job to our experts and then sit back and relax.

Now, if you’re ready for Electronics Recycling Blythe, California, then we can have you covered. 

All Green is devoted to its mission of reducing e-waste in the United States up to a larger percentage. That’s possible when you help us collect your old electronic items.

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