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Electronics Recycling in Atherton

We’re in Atherton today to serve the people here in recycling, reusing, and remarketing their old electronics. All Green offers ITAD Solutions, Data Destruction, and Equipment Destruction.


Electronics Recycling

Recycling old electronics is our flagship service. All Green has been recognized as one of the leading companies in the country.

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IT Asset Disposition

Disposing of old computers, mobile phones, monitors, TV sets, among others should be done by a professional company like All Green.

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Data Destruction

Destroying sensitive data and information found in old hard drives is crucial in terms of brand protection. Choose us now to help you.

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Equipment Destruction

Destroying all IT products that are recalled, defective, or end-of-life already is critical. You need the services of a leading company.

Electronics Recycling Atherton Services, CA

Atherton ImageSeeing to it that all your old electronics should not find their way to the landfills is a present drive on this planet. Why? The accumulation of old computers, mobile phones, and other electronic-run equipment can destroy the environment which will affect all of us. That’s why All Green designed a program known as Electronics Recycling Atherton Services in California.

Atherton is an incorporated town in San Mateo County that is home to 6,914 people. It is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, with a median home price of $4,010,200. Help keep this town clean and e-waste free by clicking on the link given below.

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IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronics ImageStop accumulating old electronics in your home or office. This practice can lead to severe environmental problems. Nature enthusiasts and advocates always encourage people to recycle, reuse, remarket or even donate old electronic devices. This is a drive wherein a common goal is set. It’s not just to protect the nature, but it’s also done to help you reduce the cost to be incurred for technology replacement.

To start participating in the campaign of protecting the floras and faunas from the negative impacts old electronics, you have to schedule a pickup today, or you have to find a near drop-off location in your area. All Green is committed to serve you all our best. We guarantee that no hazardous materials will end up in the landfills anywhere in the country, or even those located in the third world countries.

Atherton Electronics Recycling Locations

Anywhere in Atherton and its neighboring towns and locations, All Green is ready to serve 7 days a week. We have an extensive network of recycling partners and agents. We even serve the entire North America. This is an assurance that our capability to help you as our client is guaranteed.

If you need us to delete all your sensitive files found in EOL hard drives and other digital data channels, our hard drive shredding service is the answer. Don’t let your brand to be risked by data leaks and breaches. Secure your sensitive information today.

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