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Electronics Recycling in Astor Row

Anywhere in Astor Row, let All Green Recycling Team help you recycle your electronic waste through our world-class electronics recycling services. 


Electronics Recycling

Our IT experts are trained to recycle your electronic waste in Astoria Row and to handle your electronics equipment with the best care that they deserve.

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IT Asset Disposition

You can retire remarketable IT Assets & recover maximum value with our certified refurbishment and remarketing services anywhere you are in this place.

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Data Destruction

It is guaranteed that through our data destruction process, all sensitive digital data are completely destroyed to protect the business brand of our clients.

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Equipment Destruction

With All Green's secure equipment destruction services, your business brand is completely protected and your equipment is surely destroyed.

Electronics Recycling Astor Row Services By All Green

Astor Row Electronics Recycle and EWaste All Green Recycling offers Electronics Recycling Astor Row Services that are easy, efficient and convenient. Astor Row is a neighborhood located in the Harlem neighborhood of Uptown Manhattan. Anywhere you are in this neighborhood, you can help keep Astor Row e-waste free and clean through All Green’s e-waste recycling system. We’re a recognized company in this industry for many years now.  


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 IT Asset Disposition

Electronics Recycling in Astor Row

Having secure and certified e-waste recycling services is a guarantee of All Green Electronics Recycling. We will collect any electronic devices from your home or office, and will recycle them in our world-class e-waste facilities. All you need to do now is to schedule a pickup or to find a drop-off location. It’s important to understand that throwing your electronics in the trash bin or dumping them in the landfills should be refrained. Electronic equipment is highly toxic and it can destroy the environment. We guarantee an effective solution to make your electronic devices useful and marketable again.

Astor Row Locations

Astor Row Electronics Recycle and EWaste Locations


Wherever you are in Astor Row, All Green is ready to serve you. We have pickup trucks to collect your items and to bring them in our storage and recycling centers. We also have partners all over the country and even in other countries of North America. This is one of the main reasons why we have become as one of the most trusted e-waste solution providers in the world. 

Get Ready for Our IT Asset Remarketing

Why remarket recyclable IT equipment? Old computers, mobile gadgets, telephones, fax machines, TV sets, and more should be collected and recycled. They contain environmentally hazardous materials. Hence, you should rely upon our IT asset remarketing system, wherein you can maximize your returns and you can achieve your business goal of lowering the cost of technology replacement. We have the right procedures of repair and refurbishment to make your IT devices marketable again at a higher price. 

We have several options for reusing your items. We can help you reuse your old computers within your business, or we can assist you in reselling them to an external customer from which you can gain as much as 70% from the total revenue. We can also help you if you wish to donate your items to some charitable organizations. By doing so, we can work together in minimizing health and environmental risks due to emission of harmful gases from your unused and end-of-life equipment. 

If you wish to inquire for our free quotes, you can contact us today. Together, we can develop a sustainable environment and a prosperous society.