A Turn Key Business Model

A Turn Key Business Model

Electronics recycling is a booming industry, and analysts suggest that it is only going to continue to grow as our non-renewable resources grower ever scarcer.

Running a Local Collection Hub

What makes the All Green Electronics Recycling business model so appealing is its simplicity. You can offer your customers an ethical and professional recycling service from the country’s leading recycling provider, all without needing to perform any of the recycling, refurbishing or resale! Your business simply has to focus on acquiring, sorting and packaging equipment, and the rest is handled by our regional recycling facilities.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Local collection hubs are provided with a simple business blueprint that is easy to understand and easy to follow. This allows franchise owners to quickly become operational with minimal fuss and with very little outlay.

Managing the business is made effortless with our custom-built software. Refined over the past 7 years of operation, we’ve ensured that every process is simple and seamless. No technical knowledge is required.

What about Legal Compliance?

State legal and compliance issues are minimized because the collection site does not participate in any recycling activity, and is merely a feeder site. This dramatically reduces, or in some states even eliminates, the need for local or state regulatory oversight.

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