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Furniture Line Made From Recycled Cardboard

Photo Credit: SmartDeco If you had a dorm or off-campus apartment in college like I did, you probably know how inconvenient it is to buy furniture. After all, you’re often..

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An “Unprinter” for Laser-Printed Paper

What if you could “unprint” and reuse paper? It may soon be possible. Scientists at the University of Cambridge (England) have developed a method that allows lasers to remove the..

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Recycling Tip: Can You Recycle Address Labels?

One of our readers recently asked us an excellent recycling question: Can I recycle paper that is sticky on the back, like address labels, sticky notes.  If so, can I..

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Post-Holiday Recycling

Christmas may be over, but if you’re like me, the remnants of the holiday are still scattered around your house. What can you reuse and what can you recycle? Christmas..

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Disposable Coffee Cup Eliminates Plastic Lid

Credit: Compleat Whether your coffee cup is made from paper or Styrofoam, the lid is probably plastic. And we all..

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Is Your Newspaper Printed on Recycled Paper?

Starting this week, The National, a newspaper serving the United Arab Emirates, will be printed on 100 percent recycled paper...

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Canada Switches to Plastic Currancy

Coins are heavy, paper bills tear, and checkbooks are obsolete. Enter: Paper Money Believe it or not, it’s already used in 30 or so countries. It’s durable, recyclable, and difficult..

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History of Recycling (Infographic)

Today (November 15) is America Recycles Day, an annual event launched in 1997 by Keep America Beautiful. It is currently the only nationally-recognized day devoted to recycling in the United..

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Recycling Tip: Can You Recycle Sticky Notes?

Does anyone else have a Post-It Note obsession? I do, but I come by it honestly—one year my mom told me that she wanted Post-It Notes in interesting shapes and..

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8 Items You Shouldn’t Recycle

It’s tempting to throw anything that has a chance of being recycled into the recycling bin. But don’t do this: Tossing some items in may cause more harm than good...

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Starbucks Encourages Paper Cup Recycling

Do you recycle your Starbucks cup? Does your local coffee shop even offer that option? All of the 8.2 million paper cups of coffee that Starbucks sells each day can..

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Paper and Plastic Ban Proposed in L.A.

Photo Credit: Treehugger Paper or plastic? Shoppers in Los Angeles may soon have neither option. On Tuesday, an L.A. councilman proposed a ban on all single use paper and plastic..

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