California Law Requires Recycled Styrofoam

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California Law Requires Recycled Content Packing Peanuts

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Styrofoam is bad, don’t use it. Not only does Styrofoam, a brand of polystyrene, sit in landfills indefinitely, but it is..

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Disposable Coffee Cup Eliminates Plastic Lid

Credit: Compleat Whether your coffee cup is made from paper or Styrofoam, the lid is probably plastic. And we all know how bad plastic can be for the environment… A..

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Mid-Atlantic Cities Start Styrofoam Recycling

Credit: Though a partnership with Dart Container Corporation, several of the most densely populated areas in the Mid-Atlantic region are adding polystyrene recycling to their waste management programs. Polystyrene,..

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History of Recycling (Infographic)

Today (November 15) is America Recycles Day, an annual event launched in 1997 by Keep America Beautiful. It is currently the only nationally-recognized day devoted to recycling in the United..

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8 Items You Shouldn’t Recycle

It’s tempting to throw anything that has a chance of being recycled into the recycling bin. But don’t do this:..

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California Puts Hold on Styrofoam Takeout Ban

Credit: In June, we asked: “Will California ban Styrofoam to-go containers?” Well it still hasn’t been decided. The law..

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7 Ways to “Green” Your Morning Coffee

We all have an environmental compromise or two. I start almost every day with a cup of coffee—even though I know there are greener options out there. And I’m not..

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Recycling Tip: Can You Recycle Styrofoam?

If Styrofoam cups could be recycled, would disposable products be less of an environmental problem? Many people spot the 6 in the triangle on the bottom of a Styrofoam cup..

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