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Where To Recycle Electronics, And Why It’s So Important

Did you know that, on average, each American household contains 24 electronic devices and gadgets? And with technology developing at an unprecedented rate and our lust for gadgets and electronics..

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Where To Dispose Of Electronics? 3 Places You’ve Probably..

You should never just dispose of electronics in the trash. Electronic waste from computers and peripheral equipment such as CPUs, laptops, PDAs and networking systems contain potentially harmful components such..


DEA Laboratory Awarded Federal Green Challenge Award

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Western Laboratory was presented the Federal Green Challenge award at the DEA National Lab Directors Conference on Tuesday, June 9, 2015. The award was in..

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E-Waste Recycling Process

Have you ever wondered how the e-waste recycling process works? The act of recycling is a process that starts with us, as individuals. Every recyclable item is put through this..

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Recycling Tip: Plastic Bottle Caps

Photo Credit: Sessions.edu We all know that plastic bottles are bad for the environment, but if you do use them,..

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Recycling at the Olympic Track & Field Trials

Photo Credit: 1800 Recycling The Olympic Track and Field trials in Eugene, Oregon drew in a large amount of foot..

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Furniture Line Made From Recycled Cardboard

Photo Credit: SmartDeco If you had a dorm or off-campus apartment in college like I did, you probably know how inconvenient it is to buy furniture. After all, you’re often..

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Cell Phone Powered by Walking?

Cell phones will always die at the most inconvenient time… probably when there is no charger in site. But what if you could power your phone, or other electronic device,..

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Green Guardian: Arman Sadeghi

Photo Credit: Recycling Today All Green Electronics Recycling CEO Arman Sadeghi was featured once again in Recycling Today. The article talks about how the company came to be, what we..

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The Zero Waste Family

According to the EPA, the average American throws away roughly 1,000 pounds of garbage a year. A family of four in California is attempting to reduce this number by living..

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Partner Spotlight: Reconstruction Warehouse on NBC News

One of our partners, Reconstruction Warehouse, was featured on NBC News. Check out the video below: View more videos at: https://nbcsandiego.com.

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An “Unprinter” for Laser-Printed Paper

What if you could “unprint” and reuse paper? It may soon be possible. Scientists at the University of Cambridge (England) have developed a method that allows lasers to remove the..

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